#GradSchoolProbs Part 3 – Getting Too Techie up in hurr!


If you’ve missed it, please take a look at my partner Laura’s latest blog post where we were introduced to the 9pad Touch Shield – the foundation of our “Ye Old Hollywood Squares” project.


-we got the touch shield working but now realized that it doesn’t register (i.e. nothing comes up on the screen) when a Legoman touches it

-we have to do some MAJOR! programming in order to get the Processing program to recognize when the Arduino/Touch Shield makes some kind of action

  • Update: this is even more of a problem because the easy way to do this – using Firmata – doesn’t work on Laura’s or my computer (#firstworldprobs Fancy software doesn’t work on my computer.  My 4 year old computer is too old for contemporary softwares. ARGH) However, Laura is currently updating her computer to a more recent operating system so we might still be successful.

-we still haven’t figured out how to write a programming script (hint: nothing like writing a script for a musical play)

  • Update: We had a whole class today on Scripting. Prof Turkel provided some really good tips and a good base for the script we will need. However, he also got stuck at the part where Processing needs to recognize that a button on the Arduino has been pressed. MOST IMPORTANT ACTION ON OUR PROJECT – ugh!

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